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How To Calm My Hyper Dog

Fired Up, Frantic, and Freaked Out: Training the Crazy Dog from Over the Top to Under Control

Are you wondering How To Calm Your Hyper Dog? I believe I can help! First, ask yourself why do I have a Hyper Dog? The answer to this is usually, too much pent up energy. With our busy lives, dogs are usually left home for most of the day with nothing to do. They get bored. By the time you get home, they are ready to GO!

This is when they are super excited, jumping all over you, bolting out the door, and most people see this as a Hyper Dog. Wouldn't you be excited and ready to go after a boring day at home with nothing to do? No TV, no Computer, No books to read, nobody to talk to, nothing to play. It would be like sitting in a prison cell all day.

Here are some tips for you to calm your hyper dog.

How To Calm My Hyper Dog : Mental Stimulation

What is Mental Stimulation, and how will this help you calm your hyper dog?

Mental Stimulation is getting your dog to think and work. You can do this through games, Interactive Toys, or Puzzle Toys.

Games can be things like; Hide and Seek or Find It. If you're wondering how to play these games with your dog, ask in the comment section and I'll be happy to teach you.

Interactive toys are toys that you put food or treats in to let your dog work at them to get their food out. Read more about Interactive toys in my article Interactive Dog Toys: Where To Get Them, Good Ways To Use Them

Puzzle Toys are puzzles made specifically for dogs. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and difficulty. You put treats or food in them, then let your dog figure out how to get the treat out. Usually, these toys need you to be supervising while your dog works at them. Dogs may need help getting started with these till they get the hang of it.

All of these will be mentally stimulating and will help tire your dog out. Work their brain and it's a whole different kind of tired. It's the difference between us reading a book or working at a puzzle, or going out and running for 30 minutes. Consider these as giving your dog TV, Books, and computer time.

How To Calm My Hyper Dog : Physical Exercise

How will Physical Exercise help you to calm your hyper dog?

Providing a place for your dog's energy to go is a must. Just like you or your kids, your dog needs to have an outlet for their pent up energy. If you don't provide it, then you get what you've got, a hyper dog.

Here are some ideas to get you going; Walking, Running, Biking, Rollerblading, Fetch, Frisbee, & Swimming.

Anything that gets your dog moving and getting that energy out is going to help you to calm your hyper dog! If you have a place to let them run off leash, this is going to be the best for them. This does NOT include your yard. Your yard is just an extension of your house. It's like being in prison and them letting you out into their yard. Would you feel free? Would you feel satisfied after exercising out there?

How To Calm My Hyper Dog : Training

Training can provide both Mental Stimulation, and Physical Exercise for your hyper dog. If you add in play time such as a tug on a rope, or a quick toss of the ball as a reward, then this would be physical.

Obedience, and tricks will help with the mental stimulation. If you train for Agility, Flyball, or even Bird Dog Hunting, these will all help with physical exercise as well as mental stimulation.

You'll find training and working with your dog to be a huge help in calming your hyper dog! Not only will it help you calm your dog, but it will also help you bond with them too.

So, what have you learned today? Let's recap. Provide your dog with Mental Stimulation, Physical Exercise, and Training. Your Hyper Dog will soon be your Calm Dog!

Enjoy! If you found this blog post helpful, please comment below and share it with your friends.

If you need further help than this post this Book will be beneficial for you and your dog.

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When To Crate Train Your Puppy

While doing a search for some Talented K9 things, I came across another site that used my article 'Talented K9 Crate Training Tips'. I am happy they thought my article was worthy of posting on their own site. So I wanted to give another thank you and a link back.

Visit them at When To Crate Train Your Puppy

The post was published a while ago, but better late than never right!? They also have some other good tips and articles on there, so it's worth checking out.


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Bionic Dog Blog

Yesterday I was checking my squidoo stats and found Bionic Dog Blog had linked to one of my squidoo lenses. I wanted to say Thank you and give a link back to her! If you have a chance, go over and check out Bionic Dog Blog! Be sure to check out their recent posts, looks like they are doing an August contest and giving away a variety of Bionic Toys!

Bionic Dog Blog

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Back To Blogging

Hey everyone! Not sure if anyone has been here for a while. I just wanted to let anyone who does stop by know that I am getting back to blogging. I have learned a lot since the last time I blogged, and I hope to do a better job than I did. I will be preparing stuff until September 1st. Once September 1st hits, I hope to be posting at least once every day. I have a lot in store for everyone, so please check back in September! I'll see you then!

Have a wonderful day!

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