Monday, January 31, 2011

Entertain Your Pet

I now have a plan for this blog, at least a better one than I did yesterday. In this blog I will be sharing with you:

*Book/Product/Site of the day - This will be based off of something I have actually done, or have bought and have my own opinion on it based on how it worked for me.
*Advice of the day - This will be some type of advise I might have, usually it will be on or about dog training.
*Other - Anything else I might have to say.

So, what's in store today?

*Book of the Day: Clicking With Your Dog

My Review- Clicking With Your dog in my opinion is an Excellent Book. It was and still is one of my favorite training books and I have Several of them! Very basic, informative, easy to read and fun! It has a quick start guide, or you can read the whole thing. I read the whole thing and have used it several times as a reference. It has many great ideas in it and shows you how to work training into your daily busy lives. Highly recommended by me!

*Today's Advice: Keeping your dog Entertained!
You know the saying, "A Tired Dog Is A Happy Dog". Very True! Do you have one of those dogs that always seem to have too much energy? Try working in 2 to 3 short five minute lessons a day with them doing basic obedience such as Sit or Down, or even something fun such as simple tricks. How about teaching them something new? Anything you can do with your pet to get them to use their mind is hugely beneficial to their well being. You'd be surprised how just a few short lessons can actually make an energetic dog tired!

When you pair doing a couple short sessions with your dog with introducing your pet to a few interactive toys such as these:

1. The Company of Animals Dog Spinny Interactive Dog Game
The Company of Animals Dog Spinny Interactive Dog Game (11

The Company of Animals Dog Spinny Interactive Dog Game (11" Diameter)

The Company of Animals Dog Spinny Interactive Dog GameDog Spinny has a single removable bone that has to be dislodged by the dog, who can then rotate the top section to access treats in the compartments below. By gradually reducing the number of treats, you can encourage him to work harder. The bone has a small hole to allow the scent of the treat to pass through and encourage him to use and develop his extraordinary sense of smell. With a little practice, he will soon learn to dislodge the bone to access hidden rewards. By gradually reducing the number of treats, you can encourage him to work harder for rewards. A great way to mentally stimulate and challenge your dog. Dog Spinny has an easy skill level and
is great for all ages and sizes of dogs. Comes with a free training guide.

2. Kong Flyer Dog Toy
KONG Flyer Dog Toy (Large; 9

KONG Flyer Dog Toy (Large; 9" Diameter)

KONG Flyer Dog Toy - Available Online at PETCO.comMake exercise fun for you and your dog! Natural rubber flies straight and is soft to catch. Extend the fun with this long lasting, flexible and durable flyer from KONG(R). Accurate flight and soft-catch makes the new KONG(R) Flyer perfect for a game
of fetch and catch. Fun, flying exercise for you and your dog. The KONG(R) Flyer is ideal for interactive play for you and your dog. Whether you are in your own backyard or at a park the KONG(R) Flyer will keep you and your pooch entertained for hours.

3. Kong Ball Dog Toy
KONG Ball Dog Toy (Medium; Large; 3

KONG Ball Dog Toy (Medium; Large; 3" Diameter; For Pets 35 lbs. and Up)

KONG Ball Dog Toys - Available Online at PETCO.comKONG(R) rubber makes all the difference! KONG(R) Ball is guaranteed the world's greatest bouncing, most durable ball for your dog. The puncture-resistant natural rubber ball is completely safe for your pet. Size petite/small ball has holes for hiding treats that make this extra special for your pooch to play with. Medium/Large size ball is solid rubber with no treat holes. Ideal for encouraging exercise and interactive play with you and your pooch. Heavy duty rubber will stand up to even the heaviest of chewers. Don't forget to pick up KONG treats especially made for stuffing.

Both you and your pet will be happy! Time well spent together. You can find many more interactive type toys and fun dog toys at:


Where the pets go.

Why not add on to teaching your pet something new when they are a little too full of energy by checking out this book:

101 Dog Tricks

A book full of fun tricks to teach your dog. Pair it together with Clicking with your dog and you'll be set! Impress your friends!

That about sums it up for today's blog post. Sorry for the 'advertising' I do get a small commission for anything bought from those links. However I try to be sure to only promote products I would buy or have bought myself. All of the above are all great products and I highly recommend each of them. My dogs especially love the kong toys! That kong ball bounces like crazy and goes FAR! Our Weimaraner is especially fond of the Kong Frisbee, at Doggy Day care he was always carrying that around with him.

If you have any topics you'd like me to cover, questions, or anything you'd like a review or opinion on, by all means ask!

Amy @ Talented K9

The first of my reviews

Okay, not all of my reviews will be like this, don't worry! Here are some interesting things I've found, though I haven't tried any of them I wouldn't be against trying them out!

First we have Health Food for Dogs: Homemade Recipes
If you buy commercial dog food, usually found at your local grocery store you'll usually find a load of bad ingredients listed on it. Take a look at this page to get an idea of some of those ingredients you should be avoiding: Dog Food Project I just thought for those interested, you might want to take a look at the Homemade Recipes book.

Next up we have Dog Treat Recipes for those of you who enjoy to spoil your dog and maybe cook while your at it. You'll find a load of Recipes here while having fun at the same time!

Last but not least we have The Guides Dog - HomeMade Dog Toys for those of you who might enjoy making your own toys for your dogs to play with.

That's all I have for you today. Again not all of my reviews will be like this, I will be reviewing a lot of stuff I have and have tried as well. Take a look at the above, perhaps you'll find something you'd enjoy to try! If you get it, perhaps post a review as a comment on what you think of the product. Did it live up to what it offered? Were you happy with what you got? I have bought a few ebooks online and so far I've been happy with what I've got. Maybe you will be too.

-Amy @ Talented K9

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My journey

I'm rather new to blogging but have always wanted to give it a try so here I am. Might take me a bit to get in the swing of things but I'll get there. My name's Amy, I'll be adding info to my profile and such soon so you can learn more about me. What is Talented K9? That is my Dog Training business. I started it a few years ago, we've had our ups and downs and I am just now getting to a point where I can really plan and start to get my business to really take off. I wanted to log this event and share it with everyone else who might be starting a business of their own weather it be big or small.

I'm just starting to learn about marketing and such, along with learning more on building better websites and programming. This blog might not always be about Dog Training as I am on an interesting journey that involves a few different things. I'd love to share with others how they all work out for me, perhaps it will help somebody else out there on their road to success. I do plan on doing a lot of reviews on stuff I've used, such as training supplies, toys, books, videos and much more along the lines of dog training. I might do some other reviews on other things I've read or have done if I think it might help others out as well.

So I hope to post something at least two to three times a week, or every day. I'm hoping this blog is very helpful to those reading it and you come back to see what's new.

If you have anything you'd like a review on in the dog world. Weather it be a book, training system, training techniques, schools, toys, supplies or whatever you can think of, feel free to post it and if I haven't already tried it out I might be able to work something out to get it and review it for you.

-Amy @ Talented K9 -Email: -Website: