Sunday, January 30, 2011

My journey

I'm rather new to blogging but have always wanted to give it a try so here I am. Might take me a bit to get in the swing of things but I'll get there. My name's Amy, I'll be adding info to my profile and such soon so you can learn more about me. What is Talented K9? That is my Dog Training business. I started it a few years ago, we've had our ups and downs and I am just now getting to a point where I can really plan and start to get my business to really take off. I wanted to log this event and share it with everyone else who might be starting a business of their own weather it be big or small.

I'm just starting to learn about marketing and such, along with learning more on building better websites and programming. This blog might not always be about Dog Training as I am on an interesting journey that involves a few different things. I'd love to share with others how they all work out for me, perhaps it will help somebody else out there on their road to success. I do plan on doing a lot of reviews on stuff I've used, such as training supplies, toys, books, videos and much more along the lines of dog training. I might do some other reviews on other things I've read or have done if I think it might help others out as well.

So I hope to post something at least two to three times a week, or every day. I'm hoping this blog is very helpful to those reading it and you come back to see what's new.

If you have anything you'd like a review on in the dog world. Weather it be a book, training system, training techniques, schools, toys, supplies or whatever you can think of, feel free to post it and if I haven't already tried it out I might be able to work something out to get it and review it for you.

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