Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crate Training Tips

Question of the day: Do you have any Crate training tips for training my new dog?

Answer: Crate training doesn't have to be tedious, it can also be fun and enjoyable! Clicker training seems to be the best way to get your dog going into his or her crate on their own and also enjoying being in there. Some good Crate Training Tips;

  • Always try to make going in the crate fun. Throw a treat in there for them, or even a stuffed kong to keep them busy.
  • You always want to start out just tossing some treats in there and letting them come right back out. Slowly start closing the door for a second then right back out. Gradually build on this.
  • You can also help their crate become a good place by feeding them in their crate.
  • You can even use their food from breakfast or dinner for training sessions with the crate.
  • NEVER let our dog out of the crate if they are throwing a fit! This will teach them that when they do throw a fit (Howling, barking, whining, screaming) they get let out and will do it every time. Always wait till your dog is calm before letting them out.

My absolute Favorite DVD on Crate training is Susan Garrett's Crate Games for Self-Control and Motivation . This DVD is fun to watch and a lot of fun to do with your dog. They give so many ideas, much further than just the crate! My dogs all loved it, I'm sure yours will too weather they are just a puppy or an adult dog! They even show you great ways to use it while training Agility! A absolutely wonderful DVD. They have just about all the crate training tips you could ask for!

I hope I gave you some good crate training tips. If your really wanting to succeed with it, that DVD will come in handy!

If your looking for crate training tips in book form, you can check into these books:

Hopefully you can find something that will help you and your dog!

Need a Dog Crate?

Training Tip of the Week: Make Training Fun!

Dogs learn best when they are having fun! What is fun they are more likely to do time and time again! Keep training sessions short and have frequent play sessions. Incorporate their toys into the training sessions themselves, such as having your dog sit for you to throw a ball. Have your dog do a down, then play a game of tug with them. Keep it fun and your dog will be learning with flying colors! Enjoy!

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