Monday, February 14, 2011

Giving dogs Jobs

In our latest article 'Working Dogs' we went into detail on why you should give your dog a job and gave some examples of jobs for dogs. Here I'd like to go further in our examples of dogs with jobs, perhaps some of these videos will give you some great ideas!

Check out Jesse and his owner & trainer heather! You bet they used clicker training to teach all of these useful tricks!

Get started with your dog teaching useful tricks with Clicking With Your Dog, don't forget your Clicker!

Here's Kaine the German Shepherd, Heather and Ashley work with him too.

Here they are together!

If your looking for something other than just around the house, I've also seen dogs helping construction workers or eve mechanics who teach their dog to bring them tools. I wish I could find the video, one dog helps his owner who does roofing. He climbs up and down the ladder bringing his owner needed tools.

You can do water rescue work with your dogs as well as search and rescue work. I've seen some people teach their dogs how help them clean up along side roads and such. Having their dog retrieve the trash and put it in the bag. There are so many things you can teach your dog to do, I hope I've given you some ideas. Dogs love doing jobs, so give them something to do! Try out: Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs and be on your way to a helpful dog with a job!

On another note, yesterday I said I would continue with going into more detail on winter activities with dogs. I will be continuing those over on Squidoo. I will add a link over to your right with those as I make them! Enjoy :)

HAPPY Valentine's Day!


  1. I just watched the video of the double dog tricks and got re-inspired to train my three dogs to do some more interesting things. Right now we are doing just the basics but I think they could handle more if I would get motivated. Or at least two of them could, truth be told, the beagle cross isn't the brightest, but don't let her hear me say that! I never clicked with clicker training though - tried it for a while - I probably didn't stick with it long enough.

  2. Thanks for commenting! Glad it inspired at least one person! These guys have inspired me as well. I've always had a lot of fun with clicker training, it becomes quite easy and second nature once you get the hang of handling everything together. The book 'Clicking With Your Dog' is what got me started in clicker training, which is why I recommend it so often.