Monday, February 7, 2011

Grooming Tools

Question of the day: What is your favorite all around grooming tool?

Answer: I would definitely have to go with the FURminator tools. Those are by far my favorite and the best grooming tool I have. Well worth the money and does an amazing job with shedding dogs! I've tried several brushes, 3 of my dogs not many worked on, I always figured they must just not shed that much. I got the FURminator and wow! I'm now getting hair out of them! The dogs love it too, most wait their turn (or try to take their turn now) even if they've already been brushed. They want to go again. It seems to be very relaxing for them as though they are at the spa getting a nice massage. Definitely Highly recommended by me! It has been an all around brush, works for my short haired Weimaraner up to my longer haired German Shepherd. If you can only buy one brush, go with this one!

If your looking for one with a little less price to it, go with this one:

This one is designed more for the long haired dogs:

Need one for you cat? Get this one:

Clicking on any of the links, doesn't automatically make you buy them, feel free to click on them to read reviews and learn more about the product. Once your there you can even look around and see if there's a different one you might like better. Or you can decide not to buy at all. Feel free to check them out!

Video of the week:

The link they had for the best priced is the same as the first FURminator brush I have on this page.

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  1. Just a note to others reading this - esp. cat owners. You don't have to buy the cat one necessarily. My relatives have two cats that would actually rather h...ave the longer blade length used on the bigger dogs. For them, it feels more like petting them. These two cats personally do not like the cat version. Only difference I've seen is width of blade across.