Saturday, February 26, 2011

Motivational Videos

Today's article was on 'Motivation' which gave a lot of tips on how to motivate yourself to get out and train your dog. If you haven't already, I recommend reading it.

I would like to share with everyone some videos that really motivate me to get out and train my dogs. We'll start with some You Tube clips.

This video I've showed numerous times but it still fits with this entry too!

This is another great video I've watched several times. Very well trained dogs!

This dog has been on TV and I've seen him several times. I've always enjoyed his performance so here he is.

These two are amazing, I've seen them numerous times on TV and they now have made a lot of books and even some DVDs.

Here's their actual performance at halftime.

If your interested in any of their books and such, here's a list of what they have to offer:

Some of those are books, some are DVDs. I have her video Best of 101 Dog Tricks and I love it. I also have her book 101 ways to do more with your dog on the way. I should be getting it sometime next week and am looking forward to it!

Some other videos you can buy that I have and motivate me are:

Here's the infomercial for Don Sullivan, it in itself is quite motivational for me especially since I have his DVD's I tend to watch them a lot and am always very motivated by them.

Get Don's system here: Don Sullivan's The Perfect Dog

Another video I've always loved watching is Clicker Magic. This video covers a lot and is a lot of fun to watch, as well as teaches you clicker training. This was actually my first Clicker Training video I watched and I've always been quite happy with it.

Hopefully you got some good motivation out of all that! Don't forget to also read my 'Motivation' Article.

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