Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hunting Dogs

Today's article was on 'Hunting Dogs' where I went over the different breeds of hunting dogs there are to choose from. Here I'd like to offer you some great training material that will help you get started training your hunting dog.

George Hickox

This guy is an amazing bird dog trainer and has some excellent products to offer. I have a few of his videos and haven't been let down by them in any way. I will recommend him to anyone. His training is effective, fast, makes sense and works very well! George Hickox has his own training program and has trained several hunting champions over the years.

My favorite of his DVDs is The Pointing Dog DVD Collection of Volumes 1 through 4 . These DVDs are well worth the money and cover a lot of ground. By the end of these, you and your dog will be be hunting together for sure. If you don't own a pointer, here's his Flushing DVD Collection of Volumes 1 through 3. George Hickox also offers this great Flushing Dog Training Package for a great deal!

Those videos cover how to train any breed of bird dog weather they point or flush. Just be sure to get the set that fits your dog! You won't be let down, I've thoroughly enjoyed his videos and will buy many more of his products.

Once your dog is out in the field, you might need a way of keeping track of him! Take a look at some of these great tracking devices.

Garmin Astro 220 Dog Tracking GPS Bundle with DC40 Wireless Transmitter Collar

The Garmin Astro is in my opinion the best on the market right now. Just like an actual GPS, you can really see where your dog is at and even mark where birds have been found. That way on your next trip, you can remember exactly where you found the birds last time. Has a lot of benefits to it, click the link above to read more.

GARMIN 010-11049-00 Astro DC 30 Wirelesss Collar Transmitter

This one isn't as great as the GPS above, but it is a lot cheaper. So if your on a budget check out that one.

You'll also want to check into some remote collars, here's one to get you started: Dogtra 1900NCP Field Star 1/2 mile Training Collar Single Dog If you don't like that one, once your there just do a search for remote collars and you can shop around.

The great thing about George Hickox is he also incorporates clicker training into his training, though you don't have to use it, if it interests you then it's there. George Hickox has great ideas, is clear and easy to follow. His training is simple and you get a great hunting dog out of it. Be sure to at least check out his videos, you'll be happy you did.

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